The services of the Mitjans pharmacy

In the last decade, we haven’t stopped increasing the wide range of services that we offer to our customers. Our team is ready to assist any enquiry about your health and to give you the most suitable advice.


Our dietician can prepare an equilibrated and personalized diet for weight loss, for athletes, for the menopause, for dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), diabetes (high sugar), or any other metabolic alteration. Furthermore, our pharmacy is specialized in complements and aliments for autistics and Rett syndrome.
Besides, we will monitor the whole process in order to define and modify the diet regarding your needs, and evaluate the final results.


Homeopathy is a therapeutic method based in administrating little doses of  extracts from vegetal, animal and mineral origin in a liquid base (glycerine, alcohol or distillate water) or solid (saccharose or lactose). The objective is to activate the own defences in order to get better or recover from illnesses.

Pere Mitjans Pharmacy offers a wide range of services and homeopathic products because it’s its own specialty and it offers the last international newness.

Alimentary intolerances

An alimentary intolerance could be defined as a condition in that when you ingest a specific food, adverse effects are produced. This must be distinguished from an alimentary allergy, which is produced when it appears an immunologic response.
Pere Mitjans Pharmacy offers the well-known "Alcat Test", which helps finding out your alimentary intolerances.

Dietary minerals

Dietary minerals are really essential. They help supplementing the nutrition in order to keep the vitality and energy to guarantee the organism’s proper functioning.

They are related to a wide range of metabolic processes, and they regulate illnesses such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, obesity, allergies, asthma, etc.


Phytotherapy is the branch of medicine that uses plants with therapeutic properties in order to treat particular illnesses through active ingredients. They are substances that take part in any possible variation from our body.

In our pharmacy, you will dispose drops of fluid extracts, tinctures, capsules and essential oils.

Nutritional supplements

The basis of a proper nutrition should be a varied and balanced diet; from that point on, nutritional supplements can help keeping us healthier.

Among the substances present in the nature with nutritional or physiological properties, there are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, prebiotics and concentrated sources of nutrients like royal jelly or seaweeds.