Special treatments for autism

According to the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Institute of Health Carlos III (Madrid), specific drugs for autism don’t really exist. Nevertheless, psychotropic medication is administered to a significant part of this group (30 to 50% of patients) with the hope that its effects allow them to participate in other therapies (behavioural, cognitive, educational, psychosocial and ludic) in order to improve their quality of life.

The diet

A diet fitted to each patient, a daily intake of water, a dose of flax’s oil and citrate of magnesium and marine serum by oral or rectal via can help to a great extent in having a correct digestion. Therefore, it’s extremely important to establish a diet taking into account the following aspects:

To start the detoxification, the diet must be biologic, i.e. free of: colorants, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones, cortisones, dioxins, etc.


The suitable diet shouldn’t present gluten, casein and soya in order to avoid that peptides of these products react with morphinic receptors and keep the patient in a disconnection situation. 


Furthermore, the diet should be lacked of all kinds of sugars, like refined sugar, cane sugar, fructose and sucralose. Most of these patients suffer from intestinal infections caused by fungi, especially due to the Candida group because with the expulsion of toxics, these toxics can change intestinal contents and stimulate the increase of fungi.


According to personal characteristics, it might be recommendable a diet exempt from oxalates, since it has been proved that a diet low in oxalates is effective in the recovery of the intestine and in the improvement of cognitive and motor signs.

Intestinal treatment

In a child with development problems, a good diagnostic of intestine functioning is extremely necessary because it's going to help digestion and absorption of food. Following a biologic diet, the following illnesses can be reduced and even eliminated:

Intestinal disbiosis or bacterial flora imbalance, which can be caused by parasite presence, pathogenic bacteria or intestinal fungus.

The lack of intestinal acidity, which is caused by a shortage of digestive enzymes, such as amylases, proteases o lipases. This scarcity could be corrected with the introduction of zinc.

The gastric regurgitation, which can be deleted by the use of Urocholine and the lack of water in mealtime.

To induce immune response and recover general integrity of mucus, it would be interesting the use of orthomolecular nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3, L-glutamine or minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium, complemented with marine plasma by oral or nasal intake.